Er staat (c)opyright op de gedichten van Jesse Jeremy U mag dit gedicht alleen gebruiken als u de auteursnaam en eventueel de website daarbij vermeldt.
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The fight between angels and devils
Will go on untill the revelation unravels
It’s a battle with every demon and fear
It wont stop untill the trumpet you hear
The sound blowing loud trough the skies
The moment when all hate and fear dies
A judgement waiting for so very long
And all the pain ends so you feel numb
Then you really think it’s all over now
But history repeats itself always somehow
Knowing next time you will do better
Stronger with every storm that you weather
Learning from all the mistakes you made
You know it’s ok to leave it all to fate
Because these things that have changed
Were waiting to be properly rearranged
So the future can mysteriously unfold
The same story so many, many times told