Er staat (c)opyright op de gedichten van Mariska Janssen U mag dit gedicht alleen gebruiken als u de auteursnaam en eventueel de website daarbij vermeldt.
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Whenever I'm by your side
I won't have to run and hide
No more fighting, won't have to sigh
Got plenty of time to say goodbye:

Goodbye to worries
Goodbye to fears
Goodbye to sorrow
Goodbye to tears
Goodbye to the past, eating my mind

Goodbye to nasty thoughts, creeping up from behind

Whenever you're with me
My feelings say I'm safe
It's ok to be yourself
It's all you have to be

Honey when I think of you I see 

So much potential there to be
I feel your presence surrounding me
And I'd wish nothing else
But this fine feeling
To be felt forever.