Er staat (c)opyright op de gedichten van Bermortel, Dennis v.d. U mag dit gedicht alleen gebruiken als u de auteursnaam en eventueel de website daarbij vermeldt.
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Something bugging you.
Don't know what.
Can't say you have a clue?

What keeps us from right or wrong.
Is it the way of God.
A Devil's Tong or an Angels Song.

The night and our dreams.
Those are the Things who keep you sane.
never the less for some its in vane.

Ever heard a voice in your sleep,
those are the lost shadows.
In your mind they creep.

Ever heard a voice whill awake.
those are the hopefull spirits.
they keep you sound and save.

We where made with a will of our own.
and yet trough the mind games of others.
We will all stand alone.

(De gene het dichts naast je is ook degene die je kapot maakt)
(een vriend is iemand die alles van je weet en nog van je houd)