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they say sleeping is the cousin of death well i recall that and say
sleeping is healing and dying is resurrection because we are burdened
and if we could not even die that burden sure would be to worsened
for our safekeeping we invented sleeping if we couldnt we would be creeping

that smart we are to be sweeping every specie if we want we are superior
everything is inferior compared to us, how come what is interior of us
and healing if we could not heal we would not be able to steal ourselves
from our wounds uncapable of fighting war we would not even feel
we would then become immortal if that ever came to happen we would truly enter a portal to paradise capable of floating through space no boundaries

no limit no sky feeling enthralled whilest being free high to fly but why
when we would then be lonely bald to be called bless us in the name of ourselves

just when will u feel like the elves filled with love, carefull being for
each other living thing becoming angels every wing glowing with light
leaving nothing to fight take of without flight our brains between the
bookshelves ignite that tight light from wich i fright being in the height
of heaven

dying is resurrection every affection that comes after dying
is a conection to a better section why should we cry when we'd better
be happy to let the other one fly a rejection to this gray world
and selection to perfection nobody does understand our objection
to die is not to cry to fly is not asking why we dont need further

i'll take off leaving a feather.