Er staat (c)opyright op de gedichten van Dijk, Eveline van U mag dit gedicht alleen gebruiken als u de auteursnaam en eventueel de website daarbij vermeldt.
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I’m free

Free of your hands

Free of my thoughts about you

I’m free now

I don’t depend on him anymore

I can stand on my own feet now

I don’t need him anymore to make me smile

I have took my own life

Before losing you

I’m finally free now

And you don’t have to see me

Every time when you look

Something has changed now

But i can’t see what it is

Life goes it’s way

He goes his way

And I am going my own way

But still…

We’ll have a relation for ever

No matter we want

Or like it

We both have memories

about our time together

about our thoughts

and our feelings

That will never pass

We have new experiences now

You are still the teacher

And I am still the schoolgirl

…Who isn’t in love anymore